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As we’ve kicked off 1st Faith, the obvious question is, “What do you want to do with this site?” Or in business terms, “What is your chief objective?”

Simply put, 1st Faith is for all who want more when it comes to faith.

We’re here for the Christian who says, “I appear to be doing as well as anyone else, but I want to break the glass ceiling and live in that higher realm I read about in the Bible. Can it still happen–for me–today or is this just for the Biblical superstars?”

It’s for the person who is disillusioned by setbacks, relationship trials and perhaps even a frustration with church; someone who admits faith is distant . . . but who still believes God must be real. And hopes God still cares.

And 1st Faith is also for those who have no faith, for whatever reason. It could be upbringing, or a series of circumstances. But deep down, there is a hope of believing in something.

If any of these situations describes you, join us. Our hope is to build a community here, so each of us–wherever we are today–sees our faith grow.

As you see new writers pop up here, you’ll find we highlight regular people willing to write about the struggles and battles we fight each day. One thing we’re committed to is authenticity; if we can’t be transparent on this journey to a 1st Faith, it’s not real.

But 1st Faith is also about victories and triumphs; we believe God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary tasks. We’re about Celebrating Life and Chasing Faith; a phrase you’ll see on our front page. It’s a journey we’re all in together and we want you along for the ride.

By the way, we’re not theologians around here. You won’t read anything on this site about a particular church or denomination; it’s not who we are. We’re not against any of this, but we believe that if those first followers of Jesus didn’t need all of that, neither do we.

So if you want more for your faith, hop on over when you can. We’re glad to have you.

Our 1st Faith community soars when you connect with us. Feel free to comment on any post, or contact us with your thoughts.

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Again, thank you for stopping in. It’s great to have you on this great adventure.

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