1stFaith 101: A Fascinating Journey

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Much of Coffee with Kirk focuses on a 1stFaith, so it’s worth answering, “What is it?”

A 1stFaith is a fresh perspective on following Jesus Christ, an unwavering belief that those who first followed Jesus—the disciples and apostles—are our best examples, our actual church fathers. They literally walked with Jesus and the faith they lived and shared was world-changing and powerful. If we want an effective faith then, we need their faith.

What were those concepts the first followers believed were vital? What did they teach? What did they emphasize?

Looking from another perspective, a 1stFaith is honest enough to look at ourselves—whatever our denominational background—and ask, “Is what I believe consistent with what they focused on in those first days of Christianity?”

We hear a lot today about getting Christianity back to a “First Century Faith,” and this is worth applauding.

But to find our way back to the apostles’ faith which turned the world upside down, we must find what made their faith so engaging that people were willing to lay down their lives for what they knew to be true.

Their faith was simple. Uncomplicated. Their core beliefs were understood by everyone from scholars to the illiterate. Heck, many of the first “theologians” were originally fishermen.

A 1stFaith then, is simple too. We support anyone who wants to go deeper in their walk with Jesus Christ, yet we lovingly but strongly challenge the idea that some concepts are “too difficult” for the average person to fully understand.

We believe that if those first followers taught an idea, then emphasized and lived out that idea, all of us can figure it out and do the same.

On the flip side we believe if the apostles didn’t focus on a concept–even one today’s Christianity may claim to be vital–we don’t need to spend our time on it, either. If it wasn’t important to them, we won’t dwell on it on this site.

1stFaith is a journey, back to those first followers. For all of us, it may mean letting go of some seemingly sacred concepts while embracing others.

But if we succeed in our journey to a 1stFaith, our destination is a faith with more effectiveness, more power and the ability to actually turn the world upside down—again.

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