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With a new look on the web page, we’re back in pursuit of a First Century Faith. But first, what in the world is a First Century Faith . . . and why does it matter?

The idea of a First Century Faith hit me as I considered the matters Christians often debate. It’s not to say we should squelch discussion on faith issues; far from it. But my question is, “To whom do we go for answers?”

What we (yep, it includes me) can easily do is run to a modern-day or even an historical theologian and say, “Well, this person wrote a great book about this subject and said . . .”

So instead of a great discussion, we tend to run to our favorite theologian or writer—instead of the original church fathers. Which leads to another issue, “Who are our church fathers?”

In a sense, there are two “sets” of church fathers. We have the fathers of the institutional church; names like Tertullian, Origen and Justin Martyr.

Not to dismiss any of these, but honesty compels us to say these are not the first church fathers. The original church fathers were men like Paul, Peter, John, Luke, Barnabas, Silas, James and so many others.

Most of these guys spent years with Jesus. They knew what was most important to Jesus and how to communicate his message . . . best.

This captures me.

Because if we can grasp this First Century Faith and understand what truly mattered to those who followed Jesus first, our faith can be more powerful and more effective than we can imagine.

Some today look at Paul, Peter and the other apostles and say, “Their faith was strong, but we’ve come to learn so much more now.” Instead, let’s take this journey down another track. Instead of thinking of what Paul might not have explained or of how our faith has grown from those early days, I’d like to go back and see those in the beginning as the experts.

If my faith doesn’t line up with theirs, I’ve got the problem, not them. If I emphasize something they never talked about, I need to adjust.

This site is not about beating up on the Christian church; far from it. We’re about asking, “How can our faith in Jesus Christ be stronger than we can imagine? But as we ask this question, let’s be real and say we could be better at advancing our faith. We could be more effective in living out our faith, too.

Perhaps the answer to making the church what it can be is found in the simplicity of the apostles and in the first things which permeated the faith of those in the first century. In short, a First Century Faith.

So then, we’re back on our journey to a First Century Faith and we’ve upgraded the web site to assist in taking us where we need to go. We now have room to comment and would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the ride, and join us. Our faith may never be the same.

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