A New Year’s “Revolution”

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My sister-in-law introduced our family to the humor of Gerry Brooks, a Kentucky principal who makes some of the most hilarious You Tube videos one can find.

Just after the holidays we watched Gerry talk about his “New Year’s Revolution” to diet more effectively, where he takes several low-cal items and shows us how he can “add” a few things–of high caloric content–to make them tastier.
The term “New Year’s Revolution” caught my attention, not just because it was a great play on words, but because I–and maybe many of us–need a bit of a Revolution every once in a while.

Any resolutions we make can be revolutionary in our lives, right? Isn’t that the purpose of a resolution, after all?

If I actually lose those ten pounds, quit that annoying habit or delve into my faith in a more powerful way–it’s actually revolutionary. So Gerry, thank you for making me laugh . . . and for making me think.

So what is my New Year’s Revolution? Simple. My Revolutionary Resolution is to embark on a journey to the First Century and those first apostles. In this journey, my goal is not to discard nearly two thousand years of Christian thought, but to–for this year–soar above all of the debates, councils and different belief systems (including my own) and find out:

* What did these original apostles talk about most? What was important to them?

* How did they define faith? What did they emphasize as of utmost importance?

* What words did they use most often in describing what they believed?

And finally, how can I translate this powerful, effective faith to life in the 21st Century?

These guys–Peter, Paul, James, John, Mark, Luke, Matthew and so many others–are my church fathers, the true trail-blazers who showed us how to grow the kingdom of God, how to build our strength in Jesus Christ and ultimately, how to follow Jesus with abandon.

Not discounting what others say about Jesus or to tromp upon those who went before me, but sometimes it is easy for me to rely on those who tell me what it is I am supposed to understand about Jesus or what Paul meant when he wrote this or that. This year I’m setting aside those things (I can certainly go back later) in this journey to go directly to Peter and Paul and ask, “What mattered most to them? And does it matter as much to me?”

It’s going to be a fascinating journey and I’m just now getting started.

As we go through 2017, my goal is not to write what you–the reader–needs to believe, but to bring up ideas along the way and invite you to think through them as well.

This is my resolution and want to keep it. In the end, it may wind up as a book–I don’t know.

But I do know two things.

First, if I keep the resolution, I might see some revolutionary ideas I haven’t thought of before.

Second, it’s going to be a fascinating journey. Join me on Facebook or Twitter and add your thoughts. Or, just email me at kirk(at)kirkwalden.com. Let’s enjoy the journey. Together.

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