A Shop at 1st Faith? Why Yes!

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Let’s be honest with you: We are more than surprised at the growth in readership we’ve seen in the few days since we went live on January 17.

Whenever someone (or in our case, several “someones”) begins a new endeavor, they set goals and benchmarks. We did the same, hoping to get a few readers here and add a few there. But all of you have outdistanced anything we could have imagined.

Thank you. Let’s say that again: “Thank you!”

We’re glad to have you with us. Write us and tell us what you are thinking. Has a post touched a chord with you? Let us know through a comment or contact us.

Do you need to share something? Feel free. Ours is a safe zone for anyone who wishes to join us as we¬†Celebrate Life and Chase Faith. So,¬†whether you are in a place of great faith or just trying to hang on, we’re here and you can connect anytime. Everything is confidential and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.

When we started 1st Faith, we knew at some point we would have an online marketplace; where anyone wanting a reminder of their connection with us could find an item or two. “At some point” came earlier than expected because today, we officially open our 1st Faith Shop.

Drop by the marketplace anytime. We plan on rolling out new products as we go forward, so if you don’t find something that catches your eye today, you might find it in the near future. And if you have a suggestion, send it along.

Again, thank you for joining us. We look forward to growing . . . together.

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