Crazy Faith? We Need More

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Without doubt, plenty of people see Christians–and Christianity–as crazy. Other descriptions might include “naive,” “foolish,” “nonsensical,” or “ludicrous” (not the rapper, either).

After all, we believe in an all-powerful being. We believe God sent a man (Jesus) to save our entire human race from our sins . . . by dying. We believe God raised Jesus from the dead. Then, we pray to this God as if He can change circumstances.

Crazy? Some will tell us we are.

But, I wonder if sometimes we are not crazy enough.

When 1st Faith began ramping up, this challenged my expectations of God. Each day, something big was happening. Goals were met and things were falling into place. Whether we were shattering a record for page views or reaching someone in another part of the world, or seeing 1st Faith play a role in conversations in our own community, I was ecstatic.

Every night I went to sleep thinking, “What amazing huge thing will happen tomorrow?”

Not surprisingly however, a day came when all was relatively quiet. Night rolled around and disappointment set in. Instead of focusing on what God had already done, I decided to go ahead and wallow in my disappointment.

Thankfully, my wallowing finally gave way to some thinking, which (hopefully) taught me some lessons, such as . . .

If I don’t see something huge today, God may still be working beyond my (very) human line of sight.

My faith was growing. During those days when I saw God working, my expectations of God rose. Seeing him work expanded my view of his capabilities.

The truth is, my faith needed some growth and expansion. “Faith can move mountains,” we’re told. But if we are honest with ourselves and each other, how many times have we truly believed we would see a moving mountain? How much faith would it take to shift our train of thought from, “What if that mountain really moved?” to “What do we do when it does”?

God can work with our expectations–whether big or small–and grow those expectations. He is looking for people who will expect anything from Him; so much that we are disappointed if something does not happen. A “mustard seed” faith is a great start, but it is not our end goal. The end goal? Mountain-moving faith which sparks belief and growth in others.

Faith and expectations go hand in hand, so when we ask something of God, no matter how far-fetched the request (“I think we need that mountain over here instead of over there”), we need high expectations. Let’s aim to be the people of the Bible who believed if only they could ask Jesus–or touch his clothing–he would act and the miraculous would take place.

I still have plenty of room to grow. Countless times I’ve prayed, but in the back of my mind I believed things were unlikely to change. And, I didn’t expect them to.

But I need to remember, faith can stir God to move. Jesus taught us this, over and over. If faith means someone calls me naive, nonsensical, or even crazy, maybe I’m on the right track.

Faith isn’t a belief that I will get everything I want from God; not at all. Jesus prayed in the garden that the cup of sacrifice would pass from him, but he did not get what he wanted from his Father. Sometimes, we must have enough faith to take comfort in the fact that God’s movements are not always obvious to us.

Still, I want to believe more. Trust more. And yes, expect more. In the midst of a modern world where faith is dismissed as unrealistic and outdated, perhaps the time is right to take our faith back to the days when Jesus walked this Earth. While we’re there, let’s move a few mountains.


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