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This $20 bill took me back 20 years, to a day when I was a single dad with three kids.

It was dinnertime and I was exhausted. I just didn’t have it in me to cook anything. But we didn’t have any money, either.

Looking at the kids, I said, “We’re going out.” I didn’t care that we were broke.

All the way to the restaurant–a buffet chain–I felt guilty because I knew that charging it to a card today would cost me later. But I kept driving.

When we pulled into a parking spot, my 6-year-old daughter hopped out. Looking out onto the grass next to our car, she yelled, “Look daddy! A dollar bill!” Sure enough, it was a twenty. With what I had in my wallet it was just enough to cover our dinner and a tip.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, a freak thing which “just happened.” But I believe God knew my situation and said in His own way, “Hang on. I’m still here ”

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