Taking a Bite Out of History

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Wandering through the exhibit hall with Jennifer at the Teach Them Diligently home school convention in Nashville Saturday, I was just trying to clear cobwebs and re-connect with Jenn after a few days on the road. I was in Hillsboro, OH for an event with the Southern Ohio Pregnancy Center on Friday night and after flying in early Saturday, my only goal at the conference was to stretch my legs and chat with Jennifer while perusing the booths.

Several vendors caught our attention, but none more than 13-year-old Solomon Schmidt, the young author of History Bites and U.S. Presidential History Bites.

Solomon is impressive; it’s no wonder he was featured on Fox & Friends.

This kid–at 13 (I have to keep reminding myself)–popped out from behind his booth as we were about to walk by and within seconds had Jennifer and me engaged in conversation. Let’s be real here; introducing oneself to anyone is not an easy thing to do, and here Solomon was taking on an old guy like me as if I were another kid in middle school. And he had me hooked in seconds.

In a couple of minutes I was ready to buy anything he had, but thankfully Jennifer stopped me. Well, because she bought his books yesterday and we do not need multiple copies . . . I guess.

Our time with Solomon gives me incredible hope for our coming generation. Give us a few hundred Solomon Schmidts and we’re going to be okay in this country. He has a passion for history and an ability to make what seems complex (ahhh, history), quite simple.

The best news? Our nine-year-old was reading the books as soon as he got his hands on them. It’s good news when your third grader wants to read history books on a Friday night, that’s for sure.

Color me impressed. If you’re looking for a way to get your children or grandchildren interested in history, Solomon’s books–you can find them at History Bites–are worth checking out.

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