What is a #1stFaith; and Why Does it Matter?

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You’ll see me refer to 1st Faith often; but what is it?

Ahhh, good question—so glad you asked!

A 1st Faith is a belief that the first followers of Jesus Christ carried with them a powerful and effective faith. They walked with Jesus, they heard him speak, they wrote the very words we read in our New Testament today.

Those who want a 1st Faith then, seek to understand what those early believers thought was most important. What did they emphasize? What did they think about? What core beliefs were vital to them?

The first followers did something no other group in history can claim: Led by Jesus and following his command to make disciples, they took this new faith and within minutes after Peter first proclaimed this message, thousands joined them. That’s power.

But they weren’t done. Risking their lives, they advanced the kingdom of God across their known world, standing tall in the face of persecution and yet, adding to their number day by day.

A 1st Faith then, is a journey back to those first followers, soaring above two thousand years of debate (and unfortunately, a lot of division) to say, “They had it right. They—better than us or anyone who followed after them—understood what matters most.”

The 1st Faith journey is a challenging one, because on the way we may have to discard some of our closely-held beliefs, and perhaps add others.

The goal however, is worth the journey.

Because if at some point, we find in ourselves the boldness of Peter who stood in front of thousands in Acts 2, the courage of Stephen in Acts 8, the humility of Paul on the road to Damascus, the hunger for God demonstrated by Cornelius in Acts 10 and the wisdom of James in Acts 15 . . . we might just see that we are “turning the world upside down” (Acts 17:6) with this message once again—just like them.

This is a 1st Faith. I want it, and know many of you do as well.

Let’s embark on this faith together; it’s going to be a fascinating ride and who knows? Perhaps one day a 1st Faith will break down any walls that may divide us, bringing us together and uniting us to advance a message that was world-changing then, and powerful enough to do the same today.

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